Mirascope – 3D Illusion Maker Hologram Image Creator


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Ajax Scientific Mirascope – 3D Illusion Maker Hologram Image Creator with Math and Physics Lesson Plan Included

  • Creates an optical illusion from small objects placed inside, such as a coin or a small ball.
  • The illusion is so real that students will be amazed as they reach out to touch the object but cannot.
  • How does it work? — the Mirascope uses (parabolic) special mirrors to capture the light of an object and then project it as a three-dimensional image.
  • Works with any small object– Marbles, Miniature toys, Buttons, Rings, Coins, Gem stones…
  • Includes our Ajax Scientific lesson plan® to guide your child or students through the mathematics and physics properties in play. Use the Mirascope to make esoteric math (functions, parabolic equations) and physic lessons more tangible and tie these to real life applications of parabolas.
  • We want to help you inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers!
  • Mirascope is 6 inches across at the widest point and comes with a small plastic spider.