HE300-0000 (BALL & RING)


For demonstrating the expansion or contraction of metals.

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Ball & Ring

Product Features:

  • For demonstrating the expansion or contraction of metals.
  • Consists of two brass rods with wooden handles, one is fitted with a ring and the other with a ball of approximate diameter 25mm, attached at the end.
  • When the ball is heated, it will no longer fit through the ring.

California Proposition 65 Warning
This product contains lead
Consumers should understand that lead exposure can be detrimental. However, use of this product in normal circumstances should not pose a health hazard.
According to the CDC, lead exposure occurs mostly by ingestion or by inhalation. Dermal exposure (touching) is not considered a significant pathway for the general population. Lead exposure is particularly an issue for children and pregnant women.
This item should not be cut, altered or ingested in anyway. If this item should become damaged, such that inhalation or ingestion of dust or small particles is possible, then it should be safely discarded. We recommend washing your hands after touching this item too.
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