Are there too many STEM grads?

Being in the science education business, it may not seem like this narrative is in our best interest. But I rather kids go into higher education with the right mindset.

Here is an interesting article on whether there are too many STEM grads?

The key takeaways for me are that:

  1. Within STEM, there is quite a variance between where the jobs will be and what an individual may study.
  2. Trying to predict where jobs will be in the future is difficult
  3. Besides the major and the quality of the education, there are a lot of factors that will lead to success in the job market including work experiences, family connections, the ability to network …

No one should enter STEM with the expectation that successfully getting a degree will lead to a job. There is far too much competition for jobs so you need to go beyond this and demonstrate why you will make a great employee for your prospective employer.