4 actions to get more girls into STEM
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4 Ways to Get Girls into STEM

Getting girls into STEM has long been a topic of discussion. We came across a great article that had 4 great ways to get girls into STEM. We hope you take them to heart.

How do you get Girls in STEM?

– Explain that girls actually outperform boys on STEM tests.
– Enroll them in informal STEM learning opportunities at camps or museums.
– Expose them to a range of careers that use STEM skills.
– Encourage them to discover how their personal passions relate to STEM subjects.

You can access the original article here.

Challenges abound on this topic but let’s encourage one another to keep working on this problem. Join our conversation to address why women and minorities are underrepresented in STEM. [aps-social id=”2″]

As we reflect on the 4 ways to get girls into STEM, there is really no cookie cutter solution. Hard work and passion on the part of educators and parents are what is needed. But we would also encourage you to read more on the subject of Growth Mindsets. Because how that encouragement occurs is important for the success of our students.

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